Dr. Judith Koplewitz has been a licensed psychologist practicing in the State of Vermont since 1977. She has been a practicing feminist therapist since 1982. She has been a specialist in women’s psychological and educational issues for over twenty-five years. She co-founded, along with Dr. Betty Boller, The Vermont Women’s Educational Center, an organization that offered support groups and workshops at a time when universities throughout the country had few women’s studies courses.

Dr. Koplewitz is a graduate of The High School of Music and Art where she was a music major, Beth Israel School of Nursing where she received her nursing degree with honors, New York University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, a Master’s Degree and Advanced Certificate in Counseling from the University of Vermont, and a Ph.D. degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from The Union Institute. She was one of the first women to earn a doctorate in the field of women’s studies in the U.S.

In her early career, she worked at the New York Department of Public Health, Central Islip Psychiatric State Hospital on Long Island, Bellevue Psychiatric Unit in Manhattan, and Community Society of New York, one of the oldest family service agencies in the country.

In addition to her own therapy practice with women, Dr. Koplewitz has been an adjunct faculty member and guest lecturer for graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the University of Vermont, Goddard College and Burlington College, all in Vermont. At the latter, she designed and taught the first Introduction to Women’s Studies course in 1979.

Dr. Koplewitz has served as a consultant to the University of Vermont for its graduate and undergraduate programs. She was the co-director of South Burlington’s Title XI Educational Amendment implementation program, helping to define and eliminate sexism in educational institutions. She has created and delivered presentations to Vermont educators on the historical derivation of sexism, on the evaluation and selection of textbooks to avoid sexism, and on methods to change and prevent sexism in the classroom. Additionally, she has designed, taught and delivered educational programs for nurse administrators, educators and practitioners on issues related to gender and women’s empowerment in health care professions.

Dr. Koplewitz is a long time member of the American Psychological Association, The Vermont Psychological Association and the Feminist Therapy Institute (a professional group of women who have leaders in developing a philosophy of feminist ethics). One of her primary areas of study has been the processes and products of creative effort in the therapy process. How do women construct, construe and tell their therapy stories in a way that tells the truth? How has the scientific model of facts and managed care practices interfered with the creative processes involved in therapy? How do we bring philosophy back into the process of therapy? How does therapy look through the eyes of an older woman?

Dr. Koplewitz is a gifted cellist and mother of three adult children. She lives with her husband in Vermont.