If you remember, this is part of my pyramid series, which I did after a trip to Egypt and Israel, thus the triangular shape, which also has other meanings. I was full of ideas, images, history—all of that. But after that trip I felt terribly housebound. I was a mother of teenage children. As an artist and as a woman I felt trapped being bound to the house while my husband was traveling a good deal for his own career. The objects imbedded in the larger and smaller triangles are the small bits and pieces of the fragments of my life. It is a cohesive piece as well, because at the same time that I am bound, I hold myself to together, through my art. It was a very difficult time for me—my difficulty moving easily. I was tripping frequently and off balance and dealing with my double vision from my MS and my anger and rage about the thwarting of my own artistic endeavors and career goals.That’s what we have been working on here, the layers upon layers of rage, of being bounded, wrapped up, solidified, layered in Plaster of Paris and wrapped with tight cord, when what I want to do is flow and be free. I have to unwrap, untie myself in here.